QUEBEC, Canada
20 - 21 October 2010



995, place D’Youville
Québec G1R 3P1
tel :  +1 418 641 6220
fax: +1 418 691 5171

At a third preliminary selection audition in Quebec twelve violinists participated. At the first day of hearings Maxim Vengerov listened to: Shu Cheng Yang from Canada, Ying Fu from China, Veranika Cherniak from Canada, Justyna Jara from Poland, Ji Hannah from USA and Nadia Mończak representing Poland. At the second day five Candidates played:  Sonia Hernandez from Canada, Nune Melikyan from Russia, Robert Margaryan from Armenia,  Muneyoshi Takahashi from Japan, as well as Yifan Zhou representing China. 

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Palais Montcalm  Palais Montcalm  Palais Montcalm

Schedule of preliminary selection hearings in Quebec

October 20th 2010

9:00-10:00AM    Maxim Vengerov’s meeting with the Candidates

Rehearsals (Candidates/Pianists)

10:00-10:30AM  Shu Cheng Yang (Canada) / Hugues Cloutier  

10:00-10:30AM   Ying Fu (PRC) / Maxim Bernard  

10:45-11:15AM   Veranika Cherniak (Canada) / Hugues Cloutier ?

10:45-11:15AM   Justyna Jara (Poland) / Maxim Bernard  

11:30AM-12:00   Ji Hannah (USA) / Hugues Cloutier

11:30AM-12.00   Nadia Monczak (Poland) / Maxim Bernard  

12:15-12:45PM   Kobi Malkin (Israel) / Hugues Cloutier 


Hearings (Candidates/Pianists) - open to the public

02:00PM   Shu Cheng Yang (Canada) / Hugues Cloutier

02:30PM   Ying Fu (PRC) / Maxim Bernard 

03:00PM   Veronika Cherniak (Canada) / Hugues Cloutier ?

03:30PM   Justyna Jara (Poland) / Maxim Bernard


04:15PM   Ji Hannah (USA) / Hugues Cloutier

04:45PM    Nadia Monczak (Poland) / Maxim Bernard

05:15PM    Kobi Malkin (Israel) / Hugues Cloutier

05:45 PM    Meeting with Maxim Vengerov after the 1st day of preliminary selections 

October 21st 2010

10:00AM-1:00PM   Masterclass of Maxim Vengerov 

Candidates for the Wieniawski Competition are not allowed to participate in these masterclasses but they can be in the audience if they are free at that time.

Rehearsals   (Candidates/Pianists)   

10:00-10:30AM   Hernandez Sonia (Canada) / Hugues Cloutier  

10:00-10:30AM   Nune Melikyan (Russia) / Kimihiro Yasaka  

10:45-11:15AM   Robert Margaryan (Armenia) / Hugues Cloutier  

11:30AM-12:00   Muneyoshi Takahashi (Japan) / Hugues Cloutier  

11:30AM-12:00   Yifan Zhou (PRC) / Maxim Bernard


Hearings (Candidates/Pianists) - open to the public

02:00PM   Hernandez Sonia (Canada) / Hugues Cloutier

02:30PM   Nune Melikyan (Russia) / Kimihiro Yasaka

03:00PM   Robert Margaryan (Armenia) / Hugues Cloutier


03:15PM   Muneyoshi Takahashi (Japan) / Hugues Cloutier

03:45PM   Yifan Zhou (PRC) / Maxim Bernard

04:15-5:15       Meeting with Maxim Vengerov after the 2nd day of preliminary selections