11th International Henryk Wieniawski Violin Competition
Poznań, 12-27 October 1996

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Supported by the society's board, Zdzisław Dworzecki, the new Director of the Competitions, would spare no effort to make the “Wieniawski ’96” different. To see the event regain a truly international character and select an artistic individuality, which, after all, is its prime objective. Thanks to the Internet, the then latest novelty, which found its way to the Society’s historic tenement house quicker than to many a major company, several months before the event e-mail correspondence was exchanged with ca. 200 potential competitors from numerous countries. It seemed that contact with the world of the contemporary musical youth had been established, to say the least. The jury table was “shortened” and the number of chairs for foreign judges proportionally increased. Besides automatic calculation of the scores, regulations admitted discussion between the jurors prior to issuing the verdict. In all probability, however, there was no time for it during the preliminary video cassette selection stage; in this qualifying round, which was carried out by an extra domestic panel of judges, many a genuine talent might have been lost...

It was a great pity, as Sir Yehudi Menuhin, who had accepted honorary chairmanship of the jury, did not restrict his involvement solely to letting his name be used. He came to the final stage of the event, signed the diplomas, and personally handed them to the laureates. The following night he was to conduct a concert with the winner of the event as soloist. Meanwhile, for the first time in history, the Wieniawski Competition ended without a winner. The honour of performing with this master of masters fell to yet another Japanese, the best competitor in yet another Polish-Japanese contest, who did not, however, in the jury’s opinion, deserve to be awarded the Gold Medal.

“Never before have I sat on the jury at an event”, regretted Wanda Wiłkomirska, “where no first prize should be awarded. This competition is the best proof that one should never use such words as ‘never’ and ‘always’. Unfortunately, the majority of jury members’ opinions were devastating, and I subscribe to this verdict...” Herman Krebbers, the outstanding violin player and educator from Belgium, a great friend of Poznań competitions, tried to appease the situation: “Although we differed in particular opinions, all of us accepted the verdict — the result of our judgements and tastes — without reservations...” “The winner of the First Prize of the Wieniawski Competition [...] is expected not only to present perfect delivery, but also reveal a great individuality, a radiant personality...”, explained another experienced juror and organizer of competitions in Vienna, Michael Frischenschlager, while the unforgettable Charles Treger, the undisputed winner in Poznań 34 years before, dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s: “The winner of the ‘Wieniawski’ goes out into the world and bears witness to the event. I love this competition, and with view to its prestige, one could not have taken a different decision. The winner of the ‘Wieniawski’ is a violin player who is ready to embark on a career, not one who is merely talented, and who might, perhaps, spread his wings in the future”.

For the first time the Competition had its newspaper, the “Wieniawski-96”, an illustrated daily edited by Wojciech Nentwig. Besides numerous commentaries, the final issue contains Director Dworzecki’s words: “We have taken the first step [...]. We need to take further, perhaps even revolutionary ones”. These were indeed taken, although their originator did not live to see them...

source: R. Połczyński, Da Capo. 75 lat Międzynarodowych Konkursów im. Henryka Wieniawskiego

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A poster w 11th edition of Wieniawski Violin Competition designed by M. Bleja.


Chairman: Karol Stryja

Augustin Leon Ara
Michael Frischenschlager
Marina Yashvili
Jadwiga Kaliszewska
Herman Krebbers
Konstanty Andrzej Kulka
Yfrah Neaman
Zenon Płoszaj
Charles Treger

Yoshio Unno
Wanda Wiłkomirska

Lord Yehudi Menuhin - Honorowy Przewodniczący Jury.jpg 88.2 kB Pamiątkowe zdjęcie członków Jury.jpg 138.25 kB


1st prize: -
2nd prize: Reiko OTANI – Japan
3rd prize: Akiko TANAKA – Japan
4th prize: Asuka SEZAKI - Japan, Łukasz BŁASZCZYK - Poland
5th prize: Anna RESZNIAK - Poland
6th prize: Maria Małgorzata NOWAK - Poland

Chiyoko Noguchi - Japan; Elina Vähälä - Finland; Andrzej Hop - Poland; Erika Dobosiewicz - Poland;
Karina Buschinger - Germany

Reiko Otani (Japonia) - II nagroda.jpg 89.92 kB Akiko Tanaka (Japonia) - III nagroda.jpg 91.5 kB Asuka Sezaki (Japonia) - IV nagroda.jpg 76.55 kB Łukasz Błaszczyk (Polska) - IV nagroda.jpg 104.76 kB Anna Reszniak (Polska) - V nagroda.jpg 74.33 kB Maria Małgorzata Nowak (Polska) - VI nagroda.jpg 84.36 kB