Zenon Płoszaj

Zenon Płoszaj (b. 1924) from Łódź wanted to become an engineer, however, after two years of studies at Łódź Polytechnic, he changed his mind to study music: first, at secondary, then, at higher school. Later, he studied with Irena Dubiska. For years he was a concert violinist (soloist with the Łódź Philharmonic), and, above all, until his death in 2003, a highly regarded educator. He was Vice-Cancellor at Music Academies in Łódź and Bydgoszcz. Several times sat on the jury of the Wieniawski Competitions.

Zenon Płoszaj (Poland) - Henryk Wieniawski - Valce-Caprice Op. 7 - Jadwiga Szmotulska (piano).mp3 6.2 MB

Rec. competition presentation (1957).